I once heard politics defined as “poly”- which means many and “tic’s” which of course are blood-sucking parasites that deprive the healthy and able bodied personages of what they need to survive…

And; given the state of things in America as a whole, I’d have to agree with that definition.

What this page is supposed to do is give you; the reader, a glimpse into what I; the writer, intend to do or say here. Without getting into too much… depth… I’ll try to do just that.

I’ve written/blogged before.. with a twisted/sarcastic, definitely  Conservative view on things. If it ticked off any of the Liberal persuasion, I was all for it.  I even ran a local anti-liberal news letter/page for a while. Exposed a few of the things politico’s did not want talked about, amongst other stuff. If the local Liberal-biased newspaper was for it, chances are I wasn’t.

But… Life often can throw a curve-ball. If you’re not looking.. well, it can hit you really hard.

And it did.

Still, it’s hard to stay down and be all “woe is me”… especially when there is so much to be said and no one is saying it.

And in a small, Southern town there is definitely a lot that isn’t being said…

Especially by the “good old boy” network that runs things and the wanna-be’s that think they do.

Chances are fairly good that a lot of things you’ll find here won’t be printed in the local paper… or seen on most other media outlets… since most have; without any doubt, a Liberal bias that’s hard to ignore.

Which is fine with me as it gives me more to blog about.

Oh… and just because I’ve named this blog ” Small-town Politics”… don’t think that this is all it’s about. While there’s a lot happening in the Country that isn’t affecting such small-towns as I live near…

There’s a lot that is.

Like I said before… it gives me a lot to write about.

Which means; dear reader, there’s plenty of…well, I’d like to think… worthwhile material for you to peruse.

Stay tuned.