In one sentence, we could say that The Register-Republic’s mission is this:

To simply provide an alternative to the local media.

But, as with most things, there’s more to it than that.

Let us explain.

Originally, the idea was to give the ‘local news rag’ some competition…

To put things out there without the heavy Liberal spin, it (that paper), was well known for.

It didn’t matter if it was National politics or local…

If it had anything to do with any other position than that of the ‘powers that be’, it wasn’t presented in the best light… if you know what I mean.

And it isn’t just in the political arena such occurred.  There have been multiple occasions that the “whole truth” about things hasn’t seen light of day…

Especially when it made or makes certain folks or groups look bad.

That’s not right.

Nor is it fair to the average citizen who has to rely on said local paper to help them make decisions affecting their decisions…

Especially when it comes time to vote.

We’ve heard many times that there needs to be another source for news.

One that’s reliable. Undaunted. Without that ever present, Liberal bias.

And we agree.


There’s more to doing what we do than just reporting the bad stuff or the mundane.

Yes… we could sensationalize things and do as so many in the media do by giving readers “what they crave”.

We could be as biased as other media outlets.

But then we would be NO better than them.

And that’s NOT why we are here.

To us, having a presence on the Web means we have a responsibility to not only be factual and informative, but to have articles that are intriguing as well as relevant.

We want to engage our readership by sharing ideas, opinions and yes, material that may or may not be readily available elsewhere.

We want our audience to be involved and aware. We want them to comprehend and be able to formulate their own judgments based on what is out there.

Mostly, we want people to join in the conversation, expressing their own real attitudes and thoughts about the issues.

After all, isn’t that what a ‘good newspaper’ does…

Create interaction?