This blog isn’t going to be neutral . It will reflect the thoughts of a paleoconservative who has no problem expressing his opinion… on any topic.

It will be snarky at times. Always politically incorrect. If you are easily offended due to you putting your feelings ahead of facts, you probably won’t like this blog.

Some of the older “news” type posts prior to 7-29-17 have been removed. This blog will be more opinion, less “news- papery” from now on. If you subscribe to the local Liberal rag that passes for a newspaper, bless your heart. If you watch the ‘ lame-stream media’ for the rest of the news, I’m not even going to comment. Yes… that’s bad.

From time to time, there will be guest authors who will contribute opinion pieces. You can rest assured that if I didn’t agree with them, it wouldn’t be published here. Even if; on the rare occasion I didn’t… and that would be extremely rare, it would probably still be published as that would be a post I didn’t have to write.

Any questions or comments are always welcome. Attempts to bash me as some Libertards have done in the past will only make me and my friends laugh. Go past that point and I will ban you from this site. I’ll only put up with liberal b.s. so much.

Now, lets have some fun…