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Here are some guidelines that we ask you to use when submitting something for publication:

Feedback/Opinion Pieces-

Please keep it relevant to the topic if it is in response to another post or opinion piece.

  • You must include your real name and email address. Include a pseudonym if you’d prefer to use that rather than your real name, but keep it clean, please. We will not just put “Anonymous” as the author of a piece.
  • Speaking of keeping it clean, vulgar language, “f-bombs” and the like will pretty much assure your contribution will not be published. There is no need for such, even if you passionately disagree with something posted. We are adults, and as such there are better ways to communicate with others than an expletive-laden tirade against another’s views.
  • We ask when writing to apply the “KISS” principle… Keep It Short, well, you can figure the rest. Please use no more than 500 words (or less) to express, expound upon or otherwise get your point across.

Other Contributions-

When sharing recipes, please take a picture of the finished dish and send it in along with your recipe. Please do NOT send in copyrighted material or use another (from a book) as your own. We need original recipes that must be your own or those passed down from other members of your family.

Please note that by submitting a contribution to the the Register-Republic; either by email, Facebook page and or by regular mail, you agree that nothing in the Contribution infringes any duty of confidentiality which any of the Author(s) may owe to anyone else or violates any contract, express or implied, of any of the Author(s), and all of the institutions in which work recorded in the Contribution was created have authorized publication of the Contribution.

You warrant that the material is original (except material from copyrighted works included with written permission by their copyright owners) and that the article does not violate or infringe anyone else’s copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law, or proprietary right, or contain anything libelous. You also warrant that all information submitted is, to the best of your knowledge, truthful and honest in every way.

As is our practice in processing material for publication, we may (depending on time and or other factors) edit the article to conform to our style, presentation, and format, taking care not to change the meaning. You will not receive an edited typescript for proofing before publication.

Your name will be printed as a by-line when the article is first published. It is our intent to publish your article; however, we reserve the right to withhold publication for any reason until such time as the article has actually been published.

By you submitting an article, recipe or any other printed work or photographs, you consent and agree to the stipulations set forth in the guidelines above and as such will not be required to sign a letter of consent.

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