The Register-Republic is a web-based traditional source for coverage of political and social issues, both Nationally and Locally. We offer accurate reports and information, as well as opinion pieces without any Liberal bias.

That in a nutshell (along with what is published in our ‘Mission Statement’) should explain what we are all about.

However, just in case it doesn’t, let me expound upon that idea for a bit.

There are plenty of media sources found in the North Alabama area. One, in particular, is well known among the conservative sector as being somewhat Liberal in its presentation of the ‘news.’

Several individuals have come to the conclusion that there should be an alternative to such.

Thus, the Register-Republic was born.

We do not aim to compete with that other media source in the sense that we will cover all aspects of topics, events, etc. that it does.

For one, we don’t have the ‘manpower’ or the financial resources to do that. Plus, we feel that just ‘mirroring’ that publication with the only exception being no Liberal slant is just a waste of time and effort.

Instead, our primary goal is to present the news and events of a political nature with more of a ‘fairer and balanced’  approach.

We will take a stronger, more conservative view and express such in our editorial pieces. We feel that most of our contributed opinion pieces will do the same as well. However, unlike most other ‘media sources’ we will also publish points of view from those who may not agree with all that is said here, provided they meet our guidelines; which can be found here and don’t come off as personal attacks on either this site or anyone associated with it.

Since we are from the South, we also believe that there is more to living than just talking about politics all the time. That is why we also will strive to share more helpful or informative pieces on a regular basis. From tips on gardening to tasty recipes or exploring North Alabama in search of incredible dining experiences to taking a break from politics and reflecting on things of a ‘Higher’ nature, there will be something for all here at the Register-Republic.

We encourage you; the reader, to join in the conversation and exchange of ideas. See our ‘Contributions‘ page for details on how to send in articles, ideas or tips that you feel need to be shared with others.