Trump: Replace Food Stamps With Food

Via Fox Business:

The Trump administration has a proposal to replace some of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s (SNAP) cash benefits with boxes of physical food.

The plan, outlined in the administration’s budget blueprint for fiscal year 2019, is being dubbed “America’s Harvest Box” by the Department of Agriculture. It would provide 16.4 million households, about 81% of current food stamp recipients, with boxes of non-perishable food items grown by U.S. farmers in place of some of their SNAP aid. The government’s proposed program would apply to households that receive more than $90 in food stamp benefits.

Items that could be included in a government-issued food box are grains, peanut butter, canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, juice and other shelf-stable products, according to the Department of Agriculture. The government would decide what to include based on nutrition guidelines utilized for other, existing programs, such as the Emergency Food Assistance Program, and the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

Under current SNAP guidelines, Americans are free to spend their benefits on food items of their choice.

According to the report, “America’s Harvest Box” could save the country $129.2 billion over the course of a decade, the government said, since it can leverage its buying power to procure better deals with sellers. It also falls in line with the president’s promise to promote a “Buy American, Hire American” agenda.

Well… who would have ‘thunk it?”

An American President who wants to improve the lives of American citizens by using American Farmers to do just that.

But I have to wonder, just how long will it be before there’s an uproar over this proposal?

For years, there has been story after story of how people are abusing the SNAP benefits by buying items that any other American would call a ‘luxury’ rather than a necessity.

And if such is actually occurring, you know that once a replacement is made, someones going to get all twisted about it.

I could be wrong… but I doubt it.

For far too long programs like SNAP and other income-based assistance have done little to improve the standard of living for those who rely on such.

Instead of trying to decrease the number who rely on welfare programs, it seems that the ‘powers that be’ choose to maintain the status quo…

As if they know that individuals who rely on a certain level of governmental assistance won’t do anything to buck the system.

Rather they will do whatever they can to keep those in power who promise to keep the money rolling in the form of welfare checks, food stamps and the like.

I am fully aware that there are those who; depsite working a 40+ job (or two) cannot make it without help from a program like SNAP.

Yet I am also fully aware that there are too many who have abused the system to the point that they know no other way to survive but exploit it.

While President Trump’s idea to replace cash benefits with real food may be a good one, it will be one that; unless other changes are made, will be hard pressed to implement.

More to come.



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