Did You Know?

By Michael Beddingfield

Is your city a designated “Refugee Resettlement Area”?

Did you know that refugees are given Social Security numbers on arrival and are immediately made citizens of the USA?

Did you know refugees are immediate placed in a variety of welfare programs, both state and federal, as well as given 1000’s of dollars in cash?

Did you know that refugees have been identified as carrying many third world diseases of which some are treatment resistant forms of old diseases like tuberculosis?

Do you know the percentage number of Hispanic, Latino, or “other” students currently enrolled in your city’s grammar schools?

Did you know that the USA directly pays “resettlement contractors” close to 2 billion annually to operate resettlement services and that we also pay for the same through the United Nations?

Did you know that “Catholic Charities” operated under the Catholic Church is the primary resettlement contractor for the USA and most countries of the world and it is a major revenue stream for the Church?

Did you know that the current Catholic Pope in the Vatican repeatedly supports ignoring borders and accepting all refugees regardless of impact or consequences to the host nation?

Did you know that “Freedom” requires constant vigilance and protection and that passivity and ignorance are the hallmarks of future enslavement?

Did you know that ignorance requires deliberate inaction to maintain it’s self?

Think about this hard the next time the government steps on your “Tail”!

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