Liberals Blast Sessions: Want Him Fired

If you ever wondered just how the Liberal Left thinks, wonder no more…

They don’t.

There’s no way that an average human being can be so obtuse to not understand average English…

Unless you’re just looking for something to gripe about.

And in the case of the Democrats/Liberals recent attack on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that is probably the case.

What has this all-knowing “tolerant” Hollywood Liberal all shook up?

This one sound bite from Sessions speech to the National Sheriffs Association:

Milano wasn’t the only one to get all twisted:

Even the ACLU jumped on the “beat Sessions up” bandwagon-

There’s only ONE itty-bitty problem with referring to Sessions as racist or some such. You see, he’s not the first person on record to use the term “Anglo-American”…


Either the Left just wants something to fuss about all the time, looking for anything that they can sieze and twist, or they just don’t think before speaking.

I’m kind of leaning towards both.

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