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You will notice right off the bat  that there have been a few changes made to the Register-Republic.

For one, we have a “new and improved” look. It’s one that we hope will make for easier navigation of the articles and news stories we share here.

Another change is in the menu above the breaking News ticker. From that menu, you can go straight to a section that you might want to check out. From our Features (and Columnists) to Opinions (with the Editorials) you can view and read several posts in each category.

Speaking of Features we will be adding new posts from known columnists like Ann Coulter and Donald Lambro. In addition to our cartoons from AF Branco, we’ll be featuring classics from another conservative, Glenn McCoy.

For a less, politically-inclined side, we’re now sharing articles from Focus on the Family.

We’ll have several other writers sharing viewpoints aimed more toward the Baby Boomer generation from Senior Wire. Those topics range from health and finance to retirement issues and technology.

Of course, we will always continue to provide engaging opinions from our “regular” contributers; including thought-provoking pieces from Michael Beddingfield as well as those from our Editorial staff.

And as always, we will strive to cover the local political news scene from a less than Liberal point of view.

We always look forward to your thoughts and opinions plus any news stories you have to share with our readership. At the top of this site, you will find links to both our Submission policies and sharing your news.

Thank you for reading the Register-Republic and be sure to follow us on Twitter and “Like us” on Facebook.

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