Mainstream Media’s “Hate-Affair” With Trump

It’s no big secret that the ‘mainstream’ media; or as many on the conservative side refer to them as “lamestream media,” has a severe dislike for President Trump.

To see this, all one has to do is turn on any of the ‘alphabet’ news channels (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, CNN) or pick up a copy of most ‘major newspapers’- NY Times, Washington Post. Even our local ‘daily disappointment’ has a left-leaning bias when reporting on anything political.

But when the dislike becomes an all-consuming hatred, so much so that North Korea’s regime of death and destruction pales in comparison to anything Trump does…

That’s going just a bit too far.

Take this tweet (now deleted) from NBC, captured by Sean Davis fromThe Federalist:

Of course, ABC had to get in the game with it’s own opinion of how great North Korean’s are –

But the tweet that started it all came from CNN –

And one wonders just why Conservatives make fun of the Liberal media…

Especially when that Liberal media gives them so much to make fun about.

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