Bring Your Words To The Written Page…

By Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

My thoughts are torn between discussing the importance of voicing constructive thoughts and concerns for matters surrounding you, your family, community, work, church and other things that impact your daily living and survival for the future. However, what I am finding is that people would rather talk about the problems in such places like the barber shop, nail salon or over morning coffee than to actually do something to create a better today much less a better tomorrow for future generations. Now that I have your attention, it’s time to face the reality of what I just said. Its truth and we all know it.

Every week, I have someone sit beside me and start sharing their struggles with weight, eating healthy or inability to have a structured workout program. One friend was “whining,” her words not mine when she stopped mid-sentence and said, “Why do I bother? You have lived this life and tell audiences, ‘No Excuses!’” Although this is true, the stage for complaining about broken personal goals and life-experiences is with, first, God in prayer and then with a trustworthy friend. However, the public floors of shops, stores, social media ((gulp, did I actually say that)) and especially Sunday School classrooms, are not places to dismember the President of the United States to our health care insurance.

First, know thoroughly your topic. What if someone at your Sunday School table or sitting at the chair next to you at the barber comes to your office on Monday to purchase a large order and finds that you were the one discussing something that benefited them?  They see your post on social media and how will that influence a decision a year from now? More than once, this has been me coming to you! Do I recommend you, what do you think? Too many times, the thought never occurs that we might could have handled something differently and actually made a change which could have made a difference for others and for the world around us.

Too many people want to put their cornbread batter in the iron skillet without greasing it, only to have it stick after baking. Words will later stick not only in your mouth but to your reputation that is long lasting and hard to wash away without a lot of scrubbing and then bits and pieces may remain forever.  So, what does one do in voicing their opinions and thoughts to create change? I am so glad you asked. First, drop to your knees and ask God to give you the words as He changes your heart. Second, go to God’s Word for direction beginning with loving others as you would yourself then the rest of God’s law will not be so hard to follow behind that love. Third, pick up an actual pen and paper and start writing a letter of encouragement to those serving you at restaurants to in our country to asking them to do what is right for those less fortunate. Finally, be a giver instead of a taker. Life looks much different when you begin with these simple steps.

If you have messed up, don’t lose heart, we all have. That is why apologies exist, and it is not up to you to worry about what the other person does with that apology, but it your responsibility to extend it. Create the reputation of living a life that the poorest of poorest or the richest of the richest will respect you and your batter will slide right out of that iron skillet, beautiful and golden brown. We want to stand before God and not have a social media screen scroll and God stand silent while we fall to our knees in woe. Bring your words to the written page and create positive change.

Soon, I will talk more about how to talk to your legislatures where they will actually listen. My son, Garrett, could actually tell you this. Life would be so much easier if we would be accountable for every word that comes out of our mouth and put our hands and feet to action. Don’t believe me? Come sit by me; there are no excuses.

Have a-rockin’ awesome week, Rita

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