Decatur’s “Large Industrial Base”

In a recent news report, Decatur’s Mayor Tab Bowling talked about the City’s large industrial base, including the chemical industry and other manufacturing companies as well as the need to recruit at least 200 skilled workers to the City as soon as possible.

Mayor Tab Bowling

Those workers; according to the report, would fill positions with local contractors for maintenance, and other projects that keep those manufacturing plants running.

“We manufacture refrigerators, steel. We have the chemical processing facilities, where we’re a large producer of carbon fiber,” said Mayor Tab Bowling.

However, there’s just one thing wrong with the Mayor’s statement…

It’s not entirely accurate.

While there are a few major industries located inside the City limits, most of what Bowling claims as Decatur’s “industrial base”; particularly the chemical industry, isn’t inside the City.

A quick check of the Morgan County Revenue website shows that the City has about 2 major chemical manufacturers located in it’s corporate boundries…

Hyosung (formerly Goodyear) and Hexcel.

Ascend, Daiken, Indorama (AlphaPet- formerly BP-Amaco), INEOS (Nova Chemicals), 3M and Toray are all outside the City’s limits but are inside the police jurisdiction.

There are several questions that could be raised about not only the Mayor’s statements but the the fact as to why those forementioned manufacturers chose to locate outside the City’s boundries…

While relying on City services.

We will have more to come on this, so stay tuned.





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