To Prosecute Or Not To Prosecute? That Is The Question

Over the past decade, the citizens of America have watched one story after another that exposes possible and alleged crime after crimes.  And yet the stories continue daily in an ever-expanding panorama of lawlessness.  The most memorable chant in the 2016 election was “LOCK HER UP!…..LOCK HER UP!  No doubt that chant arose from the public after what many see as years of victimization from a lawless government.  The stories are reflective of an undercurrent of unlawful and legally questionable governmental activity that has infected everything from cities to the halls of our federal government.  Even yet, there seems to be a timidity or even reluctance to enforce the rule of law.  This prosecutorial timidity has brought American government to the current state where cities and states are now openly refusing to adhere to federal law.  What does this mean in the context of the future of our government?

America is perhaps the most unique government in world history.  An excellent video showing us where America falls in comparison to other governments can be seen at this YouTube site (  America’s uniqueness lies in its elaborate protections for the rights of the people.  America is a constitutionally based Democratic -Republic.   We democratically elect people to represent us and everything the government can and cannot do is held strictly to the rule of laws, most of which are for the protection of the people.  For this reason, the rule of law and its enforcement through law enforcement and our judicial system is the main protection of our very form of government and the people it governs.  Unfortunately, we now face a government where several systems of governance appear to have violated that very rule of law.  Even worse, the officials who are responsible for prosecuting and executing the law appear to be unwilling to firmly enforce the law and hold individuals accountable.  We are in real trouble!

The real question I am posing for “WE THE PEOPLE” is very simple:  Do we have the courage and determination to wade into the swamp and deal with the nasty critters that live there?  In anticipation of the FISA MEMO, Kirstjen Nielsen, Director of Homeland Security, is actively pursuing legal prosecution of numerous state and municipal officials who openly violate federal immigration law.  On another front, Congress is pushing for action by the Department of Justice to take action against top DOJ and FBI officials.  Representative Paul Gosar, (R-AZ  4th DIST), sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that he prosecute many of these officials for TREASON!  As ugly and shocking as this demand sounds, are we not witness to a conspiracy to subvert an election process and an attempted “COUP” against a duly elected president by the very officials tasked with protecting these very processes?  What if we find out that members of the media were paid to originate stories to back up the dossier?  If they were paid to participate in the conspiracy, then they will not be able to hide behind the 1st amendment!  Rep. Gosar was very accurate in public comments when he said that the current unlawfulness will continue because the perpetrators are not prosecuted, therefore, it is imperative that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

So I now return to my question to you as a citizen.  Do you have the courage and determination to follow through with the execution of the rule of law?  I ask you again because this will get very ugly in short order and there will be significant reactions from parts of the public.  But isn’t it always that way when crooks get nailed?  Why should this be any different?  If we fail to execute the law, we have lost our government and we will descend into the horrors of anarchy that will make previous “BANANA REPUBLICS” pale in comparison.  I believe the American people are screaming for justice!


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