One Decatur Plan Approved

Billed as an idea where as a thriving community everyone has the opportunity to prosper, where distinct, vibrant places are enjoyed, where investments and visitors are attracted and where pride and confidence is widespread, the One Decatur comprehensive plan was narrowly passed by a vote of 5-0 tonight by the Decatur City Council.

According to its website, the One Decatur plan hopes to ‘serve as a guide to making all of Decatur prosperous in the future.’  Also; according to the site, although it is not a legally binding document, it will serve as the foundation for the city’s budgeting process, zoning ordinances, land development regulations, etc.

You can click this link to see the entire plan in .pdf form.

The City Planning Dept. came out in favor of the plan as did Juanita Healy; one of the co-chairs of the 40 member Steering Committee, who spoke at the Council meeting.

Council member Billy Jackson, at first appeared as if he would vote against the plan, citing that he could not support the plan at first due various factors; two of which were the “expenditure of over a quarter million dollars” to the City as well as that many of his constituents were not supportive of the plan. Jackson did say that he would agree to support the Plan now as many of those same constituents; as well as members of the community, asked him to back the plan.

The question now is what exactly will implementation of the One Decatur plan mean to the average citizen as well as to those currently living in the police jurisdiction.

We plan to follow up on that and bring you more information as soon as possible.


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