The SPLC And “Race Racketeering” In America

(Editors Note: This is a piece written by one of our contributors, Michael Beddingfield.  We welcome such contributions as we want not only to engage our audience, but  present material to inform as well as make you think.)

I was a teenager of the sixties.  The only thing I miss about it was the abject ignorance of what was about to happen, “the information age.”  I’ve said a thousand times that “if I had known,” I’d be a multibillionaire now and laughing at all of you!  When we were in school, we were regularly terrorized by the “gossiper – bully” who labeled us with a nasty definition and thus required us to spend sleepless nights figuring out how to redeem ourselves.  I guess that many of us figured out who we were and the smartest of us eventually figured out defense was not necessary; “never argue with a fool in public, an innocent bystander can’t tell which is which”.  Right?

In 2017 we live in an unbelievable world where the same bully – gossipers are still doing the same thing but now on a world wide scale.  Instead of the victims spending sleepless nights, they spend tens of billions of cash to shut the bully’s filthy mouth.  Bullies are now selling their skills to the highest bidder and power players for big money, as in Billions!  The reason I didn’t see this coming was that my moral upbringing would never allow that so I’m envious and will have to ask for forgiveness even for the envy.  The alternative is “sociopathy,” and that is exactly where we are patriots.

I recently heard a story on the news and in print that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was being sued in a case for defamation, among other things.  The plaintiff is a Christian Ministry in Florida whose mission is to preach the Gospel as he understands it.  To the SPLC, however, he is a hate group assaulting the LBGTQ community.  Without getting lost in the weeds, the preacher sees such behavior as a sin and should be avoided and preaches that.  I would have never given it a thought, along with, an Alabama law forbidding oral sex under water as reported by Playboy Magazine back in the sixties, either.   But, the SPLC labeled his ministry as a hate group and publicized it thanks to one of their MSM town criers.

With little research, I found that D. James Ministries was barely the tip of the iceberg.  Even a short list includes The Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, The Heritage Foundation, Eagle Forum, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, (R) Rep. Michelle Bachman, (R) Rep. Steve King, (R) Sen. Rand Paul, and Ayaa Hirsi Ali.  And I promise that is the short list!  The SPLC is the “AL Capone” of race hustlers in America. Many well-known would be hustlers have copied their strategies, such as Al Sharpton (owed 6 million in taxes), Jessie Jackson (sued by his son for child support), and of course our former president, Barrack Houssine Obama, and Eric Holder. The two of them lifted billions from fortune 500 companies during his tenure by threatening prosecution if they didn’t donate to a select group of leftists’ charities.  Though the companies would have won, the cost of contribution was just cheaper than defense and so goes the protection racket.  In the trial lawyer world, this is known as a “shake-down suit” for settlement cost only and done ever so quietly.  Race hustlers generally have the morals of your average “copperhead”!

The SPLC started back in the early 70’s in Montgomery, Alabama as a pro bono legal defense firm specializing in racial issues initially, but have since crept into many other areas like the “hate group racket.”  I am convinced that if they were successful at their work, they would simply move on to yet other genera because business is good.  From its humble beginnings with Morris Dees, they now boast funds and assets over 328,000,000 dollars!  That’s a third of a Billion with a capital “B” boys and girls!  See what we missed!  One writer alleged they have 200 Million in offshore holdings in the Cayman Islands.  The listed investment income for the SPLC lends support for that claim.

According to their IRS form 990, schedule J, Tax filings in 2015; this is how it washes out:

Revenue:  $ 328,395,092

Investment income: $8,000,000 plus

Top Salaries:  Richard Cohen $340,000

Michael Tooney $225,000

Morris Dees $344,000

Suffice it to say; the “gossip – bully” business is unbelievably good.  Just ask JPMorgan and Apple; they both just forked over a million each to the SPLC.  So we won’t bother with the other six-figure salaried “underlings” if you’re OK with that.  You are welcome to visit their website and look at their financials per the IRS Form 990, Schedule J, in section II.

I could spend a small book telling you what these people have done that is truly evil, but the story of just one of their victims may make the point.  Ayaa Hirsi Ali, mentioned earlier, was born as a Somali girl and basically grew up while her father was in prison as a political prisoner for exposing the ruthless government there.  At age five, her grandmother, a loyal follower of Islam, had Ayaa undergo Genital Mutilation which was customary in their culture even though her father did not support it but was in prison.  If you do not know what genital mutilation is, then you need to stop and google it, if you can handle it.  Ayaa underwent one of the more brutal forms of this sadistic procedure.  After years of indoctrination, and an attempted forced marriage and numerous challenges, Ayaa ended up as a Dutch Legislator but was later ousted from her position over a technical disqualification.  She then became an advocate for other women who had undergone the sadistic rituals she had endured.  She is now in America as a citizen and has the AHA Foundation which is dedicated to the defense of women worldwide and to exposes the true nature of primitive Islam, Sharia Law, and the absolute inhuman attitude and practices of Sharia Law.  The SPLC labeled her foundation as an anti-Islamic hate group!

Ayaa recently testified before a congressional committee and said the officials were only tacitly interested in what she had to say.  Ayaa has for the past several years been shunned or even blocked from speaking engagements and from various women’s issues forums.  She has appeared on Fox News numerous times as a speaker, participant, and expert in the field of Sharia’s impact on women worldwide, as well as, what is coming to America.  She is universally hated and shunned by Democrats who disparage her at every opportunity even though they tout themselves as advocates for women.  Ayaa is in every way a perfect example of what the SPLC is really up to.  They regularly serve as an attack dog for hire for the Democrats, and other left-leaning activists to destroy the opposition like a mob contractor on a professional hit.  The media loves to publicize the SPLC’s public executions in the media for argument and ratings and could care less who it destroys.  Every criminal syndicate keeps the “plumbers” close.

My final opinion of the SPLC is quite simple.  They remind me of the stories of antebellum “plantation managers” who dealt with the day to day business of plantation operation.  They did all the brutal day to day tasks of keeping the “help” in their place for the planter society.  The SPLC is still doing exactly that; they keep themselves relevant by changing with the politics and still serve the “MASSA” like a plantation manager.  They attack anyone who tells the real story of elitist and ruling class repression and corruption in America or even the world at large.  They do hold an absolute allegiance though to making sure the “help” stays in their place on the plantation.  The liberals and Democrats are terrified of a popular revolt against them and are willing to use leftist attack dogs to quell the average “black” trying to escape.  The term “black” refers to any slave, regardless of color, and believe me; there are many!  The SPLC is good at making an example of them for the other slaves or unruly folks to see.

The SPLC is an abomination to modern society and a monument to modern day slavery and elitist corruption of our political system.  I submit that they should undergo a thorough investigation by the RICO Division of the US Department of Justice.  It is inconceivable that an extortion crew could be operating openly in America with favor from the aristocracy, under the auspices of law, and even getting tax exemption status while doing it.  Alfonso Capone has to be rolling over in his grave!   I pray that as many slaves as possible leave the plantation as soon as possible before it’s too late!  God be with you!  In the meantime, do everything you can to destroy the SPLC!

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