Hearing From You

One of the several goals that we set out with here at The Register-Republic is to engage our readership.

We could just sit back and do nothing more than spout off our opinions and views about everything going on and not care what you; the reader, really thought.

But we do.

While other media outlets have a place to share your opinions and thoughts, a lot of times those never see the light of day; so to speak, as they don’t ‘jive’ with the opinions of the ‘powers that be.’

Not here.

We’ve not only set things up where you can comment on the various articles and news stories, but we encourage such from you.

We also welcome your opinion pieces (300-500 word limit, please) regardless of your political/ideological affiliation.

We only ask that you refrain from abusive or what would be considered vulgar language as we want to remain as PG-13 as possible.

See our ‘Contributions‘ page for more details.

You can email them to editor@register-republic.com, and we will publish them once received.

When we say we want to not only engage our readership but involve them in the conversation, we mean it.

Don’t believe it?

Try us and see how the Register-Republic will be different than the rest of the ‘local media.’


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