DACA And The Costs Of Illegal Immigration

Immigrants and supporters demonstrate during a rally in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in front of the White House on September 5, 2017 in Washington DC. US President Donald Trump has rescinded the program, ending amnesty for 800,000 young immigrants brought to the US illegally as minors and who are largely integrated into US society. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement in a press conference at the Justice Department. / AFP PHOTO / Eric BARADATERIC BARADAT/AFP/Getty Images

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Costs of Illegal Immigration

(Source:  Federation for Immigration Reform)

 Taxes Paid By Illegal Aliens

Federal Tax = 15.4 billion

State and Local Taxes = 3.5 billion

Total Taxes Paid = 18.9 billion

Costs of Illegal Aliens

Federal = 45.8 billion

State Costs = 88.9 billion

Total Cost to America = 134.8 billion

Net Impact of Illegal Aliens on America

Cost = 134.8 billion

Taxes Paid By Illegal Aliens = 18.9 billion

Net Costs to American Tax Payers = 116 Billion Annually

 Total Costs of Illegal Aliens

*This piece only deals with illegal aliens who are here in America.  It does not examine or explore the costs associated with the masses of “refugees” or children who simply presented across our border and were given asylum through various government programs and international agreements.

Here are the facts People.  As you can see, the numbers are simply staggering and mind-numbing!  So why would the Democrats and the Republican Party establishments invite such a catastrophe on the American working class?  I submit the following:

*”Big business” depends on cheap labor which results in windfall profits for themselves and their investors while some political parties are simply importing voters.

*Big business, in turn, donates millions of dollars to political action committees which in turn supports the friendly officials, such as legislators and governors on local, state, and federal levels.

*The financial yield of this operation is numbered in the hundreds of billions and has fueled the largest personal wealth growth disparity in American history.

*A large part of the profits is caused by passing along the cost of Illegal alien and work card holder labor (healthcare, income assistance, food, shelter assistance, etc., etc.) to the American Tax Payer.

*The general costs of illegal aliens are thus born single-handedly by the middle and working classes.

*The long-range effects of this racket will lead to higher taxes, fewer resources for American Citizens, especially regarding Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the general availability of health services.  ( the foundation for this was put in place in the 1960’s when Lyndon Johnson got Congress to allow him to borrow from the social security trust fund, which now doesn’t exist……only IOU’s)

*If the American people do not stand up and fight this, our nation will return once again to the feudal, oligarchic, and tyrannical societies of bygone ages in Europe.

*The most vulnerable populations to be destroyed by this process will be the American citizen poor and working classes and also the elderly.  The bulk of the Black American community will be destroyed completely.

*2017, Mexican Nationals alone sent 26.1 billion dollars back to Mexico!

*I do not have figures on how much money illegal aliens received in “unearned income tax credits” paid by the US Treasury because no one seems to know how much they are paid under the table so to speak and then subsequently do not report this income when filing taxes!


If you think I’m crazy……….please let me know!

What are your thoughts about this?

Are you seeing the picture I am reporting here?

Does this change your view of the “DACA Kids” that are actually adults now?

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