Planned Parenthood Has Lost It’s Mind.. — 1 Comment

  1. This disgusts me. My brothers didn’t wear my clothes and makeup even though they played with my Barbies when I stole their Tonka trucks. At the end of the day, our toys were still our own. They had a penis making them a boy and I was still an irritating little sister with my own set of very different body parts. I do believe in Nature vs Nurture, but in my own opinion… and you can blast me if you must… but it ain’t happening here! Nature did not cause all the crap going on in the world. In our younger days, we were not confused my boobs, and butts and penises, vaginas or our vulva. We were concerned with helping on the farm, going to school, fishing and hiking and getting the bathroom light off before my Daddy made it close enough to home to know our behinds weren’t in bed on time and made the transgression worse by running up the light bill with Joe Wheeler.

    I am not now, nor will I ever be politically correct. What I will be is a decent human being who was raised by good moral parents who believed I needed my bad self in church every time the doors were opened. I will not stoop to calling you ugly and hurtful names if you lable yourself as gay or straight or lesbian. I will not call you out for being with a person of a different race but at the same time I will not condone or encourage you. These things are against my morals, upbringing, my religion and my parents belief. I will leave you to it. I will be nice. I will be polite. I will be friendly. I will not allow you to push your beliefs and perceived human rights and privileges down my throat. I will take a stand and I will not allow you to infringe yourself onto me and all that I am. My own Political incorrectness may bust your butt, but your lifestyle busts mine. You do you, amd I’ll do me. When God calls each of us home to Him, we will answer to Him only.

    I hate that Planned Parenthood has such a strong influence on people in general and that little kids can verbally use words such as transgender and homosexual in the correct concept. As early as 30 years ago, my children were never exposed to the ludicrous behavior and views that makes me ashamed to be part of this world. My grandchildren are young and innocent yet this b.s. is common knowledge to them. It makes my heart sick that we as grandparents and parents cannot protect them more and must strive to tell them that yes a penis means that you are a boy. And your going to have breasts when you’re older because you are a little girl. Til my dying day, I will enforce the differences between male and female bodies and what that means to us who believe in Jesus Christ and Our Lord. Planned parenthood and the beliefs that have become common and that are being hammered into us as a society is just wrong. That’s not an opinion. It’s fact. It’s in the Bible and in that I will carry it to the end of the line. Don’t dare try to sway my beliefs, rights and my upbringing and I’ll let you carry on in your confusion and let you think youre special and different and unique because like I’ve said already, we both shall meet God one day and you’ll answer for yourself and I’ll have my own answers.

    I’m the meantime, I shall continue to pray for my fami my and loved ones every day. I will pray for the world and all that it’s becoming. I will hold my head high in the firm belief that while I may not always come across as a perfect lady, I will always be a “girl.”