It has become apparent that Democrats; as a whole, hate Donald Trump.

All one needs to do to realize this is read the papers or watch the news. On any given day; somewhere there will be an article or news story talking about how Trump and the Russians ‘fixed’ the elections so that he would snatch the Presidency from the rightful owner, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Lately the press has reported how Donald Trump Jr. colluded with Russian ‘operatives’ (one in particular that the Obama Administrations DOJ allowed into this country) to get additional information on Hillary Clinton that could possibly help his father during the campaign.

To say that things have gone crazy in DC would; I feel, be an understatement.

To many over on the Conservative side of the political aisle, it’s gotten to the point of almost being comical.

Watching Nancy Pelosi and other leaders of the DNC blast Trump for his alleged ‘sins’ committed is kind of  funny.. especially since they do it in such a serious manner…

As if they have never done such before.

Which is something referred to in this video from Justice with Judge Jeanine:


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