My Hometown… Sorta. — 1 Comment

  1. No harm in enlightenment of the people. The media certainly give huge slants to how they want us to view life, news, tragedies, and non-news around the world and they do so with no qualms. It’s pretty sad that so many do no research, and yes I’ll admit I’m guilty of going about my days, doing my little jobs as best I know how and I’m allowed and pretty much being self contained in my little world for the most part. I know it’s said if every single person did “their part” we could live in s better United States of America. I vote, but I feel helpless. Those in the offices and long term appointed seats sit with our heads on a chopping block, in my opinion. The healthcare they force on us simply is not good enough for them. It makes my stomach turn, and I hit the ground on my knees and pray again and again. Seems theres no more a little nobody like me can do except put my trust in the Lord and pray for His guidance and better to come.