Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
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“Lets Take Care Of Our City.”

Visit most social media sites that deal with Decatur and you will find that there’s plenty of varying opinions about the issues that the...

Building Trust One Person At A Time

St. Louis. Oklahoma City. Minneapolis. Three cities. Geographically apart. Could be on dozens of lists that would make their citizens proud… Except one. All three have had...

Hill Holds District 2 Town Hall Meeting

In a sparsely populated meeting room, City of Decatur District 2 Councilwoman Kristi Hill and Decatur City Schools Board of Education member Peggy Baggett,...

Council Spends Money On Maintenance

In its regularly scheduled meeting Monday morning, the Decatur City Council approved; what some would call, an "maintenance" agenda. The largest expenditures went to the ...


Being Heard Or Being Hidden?

(This is an editorial/opinion piece written by the Publisher of this site. It should be taken as written, with no reading between the lines...

Changing To Fit An Agenda

(Ed. Note- This is an opinion piece written by guest author Ginger Stephenson. This publication accepts such opinion pieces as this. Email them to...

Do We Have A Do-Nothing Congress?

"For seven years, I’ve been hearing ‘repeal and replace’ from Congress, and I’ve been hearing it loud and strong. And then when we finally...

McConnell Buys Votes

In a move reminiscent of the one that Democrats carried out seven and a half years ago, the Republican leadership is 'buying' votes in...

Democrats and Much Ado About Nothing…

(This is an editorial opinion piece and does not represent the opinions of any one other than myself. For further clarification, see the Disclaimer...

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