They say that all good things must come to an end…

This blog is no exception.

While we would have loved to stay a while longer and continue our examination of all things Liberal..

A combination of lack of funds.. lack of help from people who volunteered ( all talk and no action, I call it) ..

And a few other issues ..

Are the reasons behind the fact we are shutting her down.

It’s been great..

It’s been fun… (especially the part about ensuring that a Liberal Democrat wouldn’t be elected to our local City Council)..

And so we say adios.

To those who have faithfully followed us, we say thanks.

To those libertards and socially acceptable wanna-be’s, the progressives and closeted persons… we say “phfftffftt” …

We shall; like Eisenhower, return.

Until then…

See you all in the funny papers.